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The Experts in Café Fitouts in Brisbane.

Whether you're opening a new Coffee Shop or refurbishing an existing Café

You've found the best Café Shopfitters in the business across  
Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast!

Our approach is to listen carefully to what you want to achieve,

then set about delivering a café design that uses our design skills, industry connections & experience to create a café fitout that’s visually stunning, highly functional and built to suit your needs .... and all without breaking the bank.

We can help you with...


Starting a brand new café - not sure where to start your café fitout journey

- ask us,


You've re-newed your lease but the landlord says you have to renovate first.

- we can help.

Learn more


Found the opportunity of a lifetime but the cafe needs a freshen up and  a few changes to make it your own.

Learn more


You've found the perfect location for your café in a Shopping Centre. But how to make a compact space work?

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Are You Opening a Coffee Shop or Café
 in Brisbane?

Shopfitting Brisbane know how to build cafés!!

...and successful ones!


With our vast experience the Shopfitting Brisbane team have refined the essence of designing & building successful coffee shops & cafés.

Our goal is to deliver to you

A place you can be proud of!

Something unique!

A cafe design that flows for both your customers and your staff.

A Cafe fit out that is stunning, yet won't break the bank, giving you a larger ROI

..and we know you want to be open - like, yesterday!

The team can tackle as much or as little as you like

From cafe fit out designs and plans, government certificates, hydraulic plans to health certificates and fire ratings, to sourcing furniture & fittings, and of course building your café for you.

We're with you, from design to hand open day!


and you'll be surprised how affordable we are!

Opening a New Cafe

We Also Offer...

cafe fitouts brisbane coffee machine
refurb of your cafe

End of Lease Renovation of Your Café

So, you've renewed your lease and part of the deal is a refurbishment of your café.

The landlord wants bells & whistles,

you want to minimise your downtime, get reopened and spend the smallest amount of $$ you can!

We've got you!

This is what we do!

Use our experience  to work out the best way to keep your landlord happy,

give your cafe an exciting fresh look & feel

...and keep you trading along the way

Why Work with The Shopfitting Brisbane Team ?

existing cafe fitout in brisbane
taking over an existing cafe?
cafe fitout brisbane

With 30+ Years of Shopfitting Exprience

We understand that....

  • Creating a cost-effective and worthwhile fitout for your Gold Coast business is crucial. We'll provide valuable suggestions on how to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the fitout. 

  • We alleviate the pressure and stress by handling all project paperwork and documentation on your behalf, ensuring a seamless process that allows you to focus on what matters most.

  • To guarantee a well-managed and efficient project delivery, we take charge of coordinating all onsite trades, ensuring cost control and promptness. However, you still retain the option to nominate specific trades if desired.

  • Our greatest strength lies in our ability to uncover and execute solutions when unexpected setbacks arise. We are committed to partnering with you to swiftly and economically address any challenges, ensuring the project stays on course for successful completion and handover.

  • We recognise that every project is unique, which is why we customise our services to meet the specific requirements of each client.

  • Finally, our commitment to quality assurance means we keep a watchful eye on all aspects of your Gold Coast fitout throughout its development. This allows us to ensure that everything is running smoothly and minimises any risk of further costs down the line. 

Opting for our services for your Gold Coast shopfitting project ensures that a cost effective, quality, on time delivery remains our paramount concern at every phase.

We aim to deliver unparalleled professionalism throughout the project, consistently surpassing your expectations.

Looking for Shopfitting Inspiration for Your Gold Coast Project?

- take a look through Shopfitting Brisbane's café fitout gallery

Just a Few Of Our Past Shopfitting Clients