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Spotlight on Shopfitting FAQ's

Commercial and shop fitouts come in all sizes and requirements, we would love to talk through your project's individual requirements with you, in the meantime you may find a few answers you need below.

  • Do you undertake all works required for a fit-out?
    Yes, we can include all works relating to the fit-out. Including designs, demolition, build, procurring extras like refrigeration, ovens etc. We can also look after council fees, certfications and charges
  • Can you undertake the design only?
    Absolutely, we can organise the design of your project only and once the design is paid for you can send it out to tender.
  • How much is the fit-out works going to cost?
    This depends on size, finishes and specifications on materials. e are more than happy to work with you on a quote.
  • How long do you require to undertake the works?
    Overall time frame depends on placement of order, but generally 5- 6 weeks from order. Our team are available to work within shopping centre and council permittable works times eg: a kiosk in Westfield may only allow certain works after 5pm - we are fully prepared to work within the guidelines.
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