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Mr Bao
Bar & Restaurant
Fitout Brisbane

The recent Mr. Bao Restaurant Fit Out is an experience for all of your senses. 

Step inside the doors of this new restaurant and bar in Brisbane City, and you'll be transported to a space brimming with vibrancy and excitement.

It's hard not to be captivated by the stunning fitout that was designed and built from scratch - a space once an empty shell now transformed into a popular & vibing eatery with a unique personality.

Using carefully chosen materials and finishes the fit out included the Perspex defused ceiling in the kitchen, that lets you see the heritage items above, to the sleek graffiti style counters adorning the bar area, every corner of this space has been carefully designed & built to offer an unforgettable experience, it's no wonder patrons are raving about this fantastic new restaurant in Brisbane.

Restaurant Fit Out

The Mr. Bao Restaurant Fit Out Included

  • Counters around bar area

  • Kitchen extraction
  • New flooring

  • Equipment

  • Kitchen wash up area

  • Bar shelving

  • Perspex defused ceiling in kitchen so we could see the heritage items above

  • Lighting

  • Support with seating and tables

  • Electrical work

  • Signage

  • Artwork

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