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salt room therapy shop fit out & constru

Salt Room Therapy
Fit Outs

Salt therapy in various forms has been practised for

thousands of years.


It is an alternative medicine that uses salt to treat health issues.

With such amazing health benefits The Shopfitting Brisbane team are in high demand for SALT ROOM THERAPY construction.

How does the Shopfitting Brisbane Team build their Salt Rooms?

We start by waterproofing the floor in an empty shell, we raise up the door to suit the false salt and Corian flooring then we seal all the timber, then we add lights behind the salt to ensure a relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting and also helps the salt to breathe.


On this particular Salt Room Construction project we used Corian on the floor to match with holes cut into it also with soft lighting underneath, air-conditioning unit was also installed to control the temperature in the room.

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